1. What sort of climate would you like to live in?
  2. Do you like to ski?
  3. Go to the beach?
  4. How important is a good theater district?
  5. Or are you more of a museum person?
  6. What about zoos and gardens?
  7. Do you want a lot of ethnic diversity where you live?
  8. You prefer to...
  9. When it comes to housing...
  10. Clean air:
  11. Is it important to live near lots of different colleges and universities?
  12. When it comes to safety...
  13. Do you plan on having a family any time soon?
  14. Is it important for you to live in a low tax area?
  15. Is having a large variety of restaurants in your city important?
  16. What about a ton of bars?
  17. Are you looking for love?
  18. Need a job?
  19. How important is fitness to you?
  20. What region of the country would you most like to live in?