You Are a Beach Picnic

You love to disconnect as often as you can, and you're the type to enjoy a picnic away from it all.
You dig the idea of a very secluded spot, great company, good food, and no wait staff to bother you.

You can't believe that people spend a small fortune on restaurants with views, when you have a better view from your blanket.
You love the idea of staring out into the sea, nibbling away at your favorite treats. You can't imagine anything more relaxing.

And when your picnic is over, you'd like to take as much time as you want to enjoy the beach - whether you're napping or swimming.
You don't like to ever feel rushed or like you're part of the grind. The more your picnic makes you forget about everyday life, the better!

This is one of the results from the quiz, What Type of Picnic Are You?