1. You tend to:
  2. It's Friday night and your friend just canceled on you. You:
  3. You are more likely to say that:
  4. You prefer to interact:
  5. You are:
  6. You have:
  7. What would make you more nervous?
  8. You ideal Saturday night is:
  9. Your friends are annoying you. You:
  10. At a party you:
  11. You think more about:
  12. When faced with a problem, what do you use to solve it?
  13. You are more likely to remember:
  14. You would describe your style as:
  15. When deciding on something important, you:
  16. You would rather work on something that is:
  17. The best way to get something done is through:
  18. You would rather study
  19. When explaining something difficult to understand, you:
  20. Driving home from work or school, you:
  21. Your decisions are more likely to be rooted in:
  22. You would rather be:
  23. When making a decision in a group, you:
  24. You think conflict is:
  25. In an argument, someone can win you over if they present their case:
  26. When it comes to people's birthdays, you:
  27. You tend to:
  28. You would rather be:
  29. Two of your close friends are fighting. You would approach each of them:
  30. What do you value more?
  31. You have a big trip coming up. You:
  32. You are the type of person who:
  33. You've got a big project for work coming up. You:
  34. You:
  35. Do you prefer:
  36. If someone's in charge:
  37. When it comes down to it, life is:
  38. You tend to:
  39. Your desk is:
  40. In your opinion, the best parties and dates are: