1. Suddenly, you feel upset for no reason. Your reaction is to:
  2. You're in the middle of a complicated romantic situation. You:
  3. When you're in a bad mood, who's the first to figure it out?
  4. You are often surprised by your emotional reaction to things.
  5. When it comes to figuring out how people are feeling, you:
  6. When your friend is frustrated or stressed, you know because:
  7. Your cousin (who has bad spending habits) asks to borrow $500 from you to prevent getting evicted. You have the money but don't think your cousin will pay you back quickly. You:
  8. When starting a new job or school, you feel:
  9. Your friend has just won a new sports car. Deep down...
  10. You find yourself bored at work and really hating your job, even though it pays great. You:
  11. The best times you have with your friends involve...
  12. When you're stressed out at work you:
  13. You and your best friend have a bad falling out. Your reaction is to...
  14. How hard is it to get motivated to do something you don't want to do?
  15. If someone makes you angry, will you be angry with them for a long time?
  16. When you get frustrated or upset, is it hard to think clearly?
  17. If you see something you want (like a new cool gadget) do you have to have it right away?
  18. You think that important things in your life are controlled by...
  19. You generally find life changes to be:
  20. If things go wrong, you find yourself easily depressed.
  21. When someone is telling you about themselves you
  22. You prefer animals to humans.
  23. You tend to dream...
  24. When meeting someone, you are usually
  25. Sometimes, you find it hard to judge whether something is rude or polite.
  26. If someone seems awkward or uncomfortable in a group, you...
  27. You say something you feel is honest and direct but it offends someone you know. You...
  28. If people are suffering on the news, it bothers you a great deal.
  29. When you tease people, you are sometimes told you went too far with your teasing.
  30. You can appreciate the viewpoints of those with different political views than yours, even if you don't agree with them.