You Should Throw a Movie Night

You love a party that's extremely low pressure... so low pressure, in fact, that no one has to talk much.
Getting together for a movie is right up your ally. No one has to figure out what to do, and there's something to talk about afterward.

In your opinion, parties should be an opportunity for friends to just be themselves. No one needs to impress anyone else.
As long as you're together and relaxing, you're having a good time. You are happy to do something rather ordinary with your friends.

To be honest, you're really not much of a traditional party person. At heart, you are more of an introvert.
That's why you like to put a twist on the whole party idea. You keep the friends, but ditch the more socially demanding aspect of a gathering!

This is one of the results from the quiz, What Kind of Party Should You Throw?