1. The level of a building that is underground is called the:
  2. What do you call the night before Halloween?
  3. You bring back your groceries in a...
  4. The act of covering a house or area in front of a house with toilet paper is called...
  5. You call sweetened, carbonated beverages:
  6. You drink from:
  7. You tend to call the sweet spread on top of cake:
  8. Do you use the word cruller?
  9. What do you call a traffic situation in which several roads meet in a circle and you have to get off at a certain point?
  10. What do you call an easy class?
  11. If it's raining while the sun is shining, you call it:
  12. What do you call something that is diagonal from you?
  13. What is the four wheeled contraption you push around your groceries in?
  14. You work out in...
  15. "Y'all"...
  16. The second syllable in pajamas sounds like:
  17. Does "caramel" have two or three syllables?
  18. Do you pronounce "aunt" like "ant"?
  19. "Route" rhymes with...
  20. Mary / marry / merry...