1. Looking fashionable is important to you.
  2. You are better at:
  3. Do you tend to remember your dreams?
  4. If you have a problem, you tend to
  5. In an argument or heated discussion, you find it most important to:
  6. Would you ever try an exciting new drug if it were illegal?
  7. If someone you know is acting strange...
  8. You tend to notice when someone has poor etiquette
  9. If a friend who's gained weight asks you if she's gotten fat, you
  10. When talking with your friends, you're more likely to discuss
  11. Even if you aren't one yourself, you can understand how some people can be vegetarians
  12. If a friend has a problem, it becomes your problem as well
  13. If you were to pick up a book for some relaxing reading, it would be:
  14. You could marry for money... if the person was a billionaire.
  15. When it comes to old friends