1. Would you tell a politically incorrect joke that's sure to get laughs, even though it might offend people?
  2. When you think about going on a reality show, you'd rather...
  3. Would you eat a bowl of live scorpions for $1000?
  4. Beach vacation! You're looking forward to:
  5. You almost always exceed the speed limit.
  6. When you go out to eat, you love to try new restaurants and foods
  7. Your dream vacation:
  8. You tend to...
  9. If you could paint your walls any color they would be:
  10. Pet you're more likely to adopt:
  11. Bike helmets
  12. Your friends are getting together for karaoke. You:
  13. At an amusement park, you can be found
  14. You're planning a drive on a coastal highway. Driving south means you'll have spectacular coastline views but more danger of going off cliff edges. Driving north reduces both your view of the coastline and your risk of going off a cliff. Which way do you drive?
  15. Which is more true?
  16. You would rather be:
  17. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
  18. You prefer:
  19. How do you feel about being in the spotlight?
  20. Sometimes feeling out of control feels a little good