You Are Chai Tea


You are a world traveler and adventurer. It's likely that you've seen many different autumns in many different places.
Your favorite fall things are a little exotic and adventurous. Leaves changing in Asia. The taste of a new pumpkin dish.

You're not a traditionalist when it comes to fall. You're eager to embrace any new fall thing that comes your way.
And you're willing to celebrate autumn anytime of the year. The leaves don't have to be falling for you to enjoy a warm beverage.

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This is one of the results from the quiz, What Autumn Drink Are You?

Here are all the results from this quiz:

You Are Carmel Apple Cider You Are Cold Apple Cider
You Are Hot Chocolate You Are Chai Tea
You Are a Hazelnut Latte You Are Beer
You Are Mulled Wine You Are a Pumpkin Latte