You Are Smitten


You are in love with life right now. You are passionate about so much, and you are brimming with excitement.
You feel intensely, and you never try to hide your emotions. You can't help but react to everything around you.

Winter is a fun time for you, but you often feel a bit lonely. You're the only one with so much energy.
Once the holidays are over, you can't wait for spring to begin. You're ready to get out there and have fun.

Spring is a time of possibilities and renewed energy for you. You wake up ready to take on the world.
Each spring you wonder if this is the best spring ever... because it always feels like it. Spring makes you love life just a little more.

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You Are Hopeful You Are Smitten
You Are Quirky You Are Sweet
You Are Outgoing You Are Expressive
You Are Daring You Are Free-Spirited