You Are Conscientious

You do your best to get ahead in life, even if that means working hard and eating your veggies.
You have a true optimistic spirit, but you know optimism won't get you what you want. You pay careful attention to your habits.

You know how to make the best of things. You don't suffer needlessly, but you're able to endure more than most people.
You tend to be a long term thinker and planner. You are happy to secure your future, even if that means sacrificing today.

You are likely good at many things and the type of person to take the DIY route whenever possible. Very few care as much as you do.
You trust yourself to do a job well done, even if it takes you a while to learn what you're doing. You get a lot of satisfaction from working with your hands.

This is one of the results from the quiz, The Mediterranean Food Test