You Are Conscientious

You are a very meticulous and careful. You have an eye for detail, and you don't gloss over anything important.
Unsurprisingly, you are also highly ambitious. You want to be your best you possible, and you'd like the rewards that come with that.

You live a disciplined life, and you love it. You get more done on a Monday morning than most people get done all week.
Whenever possible, you try to take the prudent road in life. You feel like too much risk is hard to manage.

You are the type of person who tends to persevere. When everyone else has given up, you're still fighting the good fight.
You are highly realistic and down to earth. You are willing to take a long, hard look at any problem and do what needs to be done to solve it.

This is one of the results from the quiz, The Ice Cream Truck Test