You Are a Swirling Contradiction

Even those who know you well feel like they don't really get you. At times, you seem like the most responsible person in the world.
But other times, your inner daredevil comes out - and you take all kind of risks. What they don't understand is that you live a life of balance and careful measurement.

You are fully engaged with the world. You both work hard and play hard - but you make darn sure that you have fun with both.
You aren't as scattered and random as you seem to outsiders. You are actually quite practical and savvy about weighing risks.

Your life is almost universally appealing. You do whatever you feel like doing, and things seem to work out for you.
At your core, you are a rebel - even if you are playing it straight for a while. You don't like to listen to anyone but yourself.

This is one of the results from the quiz, The Ice Cream Truck Test