You Are a Perfectionist


You are an organized and orderly person. You do best when you can systemize and take your time.
You hate making mistakes, and you can avoid them if you're able to do things your way. You are good at double checking yourself.

The light side of you is proud and accomplished. You have worked hard for your success and feel like you deserve it.
You have high standards for yourself, and you make the world a better place simply by participating.

The dark side of you is easily disappointed by yourself and others. You dislike people not living up to expectations.
At times, you can often feel burdened by how much you've taken on. You could use a bit more time for fun.

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You Are a Perfectionist You Are Helpful
You Are an Achiever You Are Perceptive
You Are Observant You Are Skeptical
You Are Adventurous You Are Assertive
You Are Peaceful