1. Your job allows you to express and develop your natural talents.
  2. Every morning when you get up for work, you are excited to start the day - even if you're a little tired.
  3. Your job has the potential to help you get the career and position you want.
  4. At work, you get into a flow and time goes by quickly. You are rarely bored or distracted.
  5. You enjoy telling people about your job and talking up the company you work for.
  6. You get along well with your boss - at least, as well as someone can get along with their boss!
  7. Your co-workers are not bad, and you can count on them to help you out in a pinch.
  8. While you always could get paid more, the amount of money you make is pretty fair.
  9. Five years from now, you expect to be in the same career field as you are now.
  10. You've been promoted in your current job - or you expect to be very soon.