1. You believe that there is only one person in this world for you - whether you have met this person or not.
  2. If you get jealous in a relationship, it's a sign that you are truly in love.
  3. If someone's right for you, it doesn't take you much time to figure it out.
  4. While you aren't the most dependable person in relationships, you know how to keep things exciting.
  5. Love is not something you can define, predict, or even truly understand.
  6. A lot of compatibility (education, religion, social class) is superficial if you're truly in love.
  7. You believe in love at first site.
  8. When you are in love, it's a wild ride. Love is a head rush for you.
  9. Physical attraction is very important for you in relationships. You can overlook some flaws if the chemistry is there.
  10. You would do anything for someone you loved.