1. You are completely loyal and totally devoted to your friends.
  2. When it comes to food, you prefer comforting favorites to untested new cuisines.
  3. Your build is curvy or muscular.
  4. Being stubborn is both your best and worst quality.
  5. When you are compiling a list of your goals, at least half of them are money / career related.
  6. You could never imagine having most of your money in a joint bank account.
  7. You have little respect for people who aren't practical.
  8. If you were rich, you could imagine having quite the art collection.
  9. Unlike most people, you've got an incredible track record for finishing your projects.
  10. You work hard for your money, and you prefer to spend it on yourself... not others.
  11. You can't help comparing your clothes, car, and possessions to those of your friends.
  12. You could be described as "cautious" and "conservative".
  13. You are hardly ever late for anything. In fact, you are usually early.
  14. You tend to only pursue things you're sure to be successful at. You don't like to waste your time.
  15. You're a pretty steady person. You hardly ever lose your temper.