1. When you're thinking to yourself, you tend to use positive words and encouraging phrases.
  2. You don't worry about things you can't control.
  3. Most to all of your friends have upbeat attitudes
  4. In the past month, you've described yourself as depressed
  5. You tend to think about your strong points more than your weak points
  6. Even when things are stressful, you are able to focus on what needs to be done
  7. If someone criticizes you, you tend to take it in the worst light
  8. You are usually the first person to give out a compliment
  9. You have something good to say about everyone, even your enemies
  10. Getting older is something you are excited about, not something you dread.
  11. You tend to expect the worst in people
  12. You are not a procrastinator. You tend to get things done on time.
  13. When something goes wrong in a group you tend to get frustrated and irritated with everyone else.
  14. You tend to be quite afraid of losing people you love
  15. You have good posture
  16. When talking to strangers, you tend to smile and try to sound friendly
  17. Instead of participating in gossip, your rule is to say something nice or nothing at all.
  18. You tend to like to be well dressed and looking your best
  19. You are often reminding yourself what you *should* be doing
  20. You find it easy to forgive people and forget about the bad things that have happened to you.