1. When going to the movies with a friend or date, you coax them into seeing your first choice.
  2. As a policy, you don't lend things out to people.
  3. You have difficulty listening to other people's problems.
  4. You'll only do a favor if you're going to get a better favor back in return.
  5. You have a bad track record when it comes to caring for pets and plants.
  6. When living with roommates and / or your family, you've been known to leave stuff and messes around the house.
  7. At holidays, you tend not to give someone a gift unless you expect to get a gift back in return.
  8. When you get together with your best friend, most of your conversations tend to revolve around what is happening in your life.
  9. You've been called self-centered and / or selfish by most people who know you well.
  10. You will pressure or manipulate people to get your way, when you deem it necessary.