1. You've got one hell of a temper, and everyone knows it.
  2. Once you've made up your mind, you won't change it. Period.
  3. You've got an intensity that draws people to you.
  4. People have often called you "an enigma" or "hard to figure out."
  5. The main thing you're looking for in a relationship is true love.
  6. You're self confident and possessive of what's yours.
  7. You are a faithful friend and totally emotionally supportive.
  8. Even if you're just casually dating someone, you wouldn't dream of flirting with anyone else.
  9. You tend to be very jealous in relationships. You don't like your partner spending time with anyone else.
  10. You tend to keep your emotions to yourself - and consider yourself a bit secretive.
  11. If someone does you wrong, you tend to be obsessed with getting back at them.
  12. You love competition and a challenge.
  13. You have the same beliefs about life, politics, and religion that you did a few years ago.
  14. You are protective of anyone that you are close to.
  15. You see projects and goals to the end, even if you are bored with them.