1. You believe that you don't have anyone you need to impress in life... except yourself.
  2. You don't brag or try to show off. Even if you're feeling a little competitive or insecure.
  3. You are aware of your weaknesses, and you take responsibility for them. You know you're not perfect, and you're okay with that.ay
  4. You are honest and upfront with people, even when it's awkward.
  5. If you like a band, movie, or style of dress that other people make fun of, it doesn't bother you. You don't feel like the things you like are "guilty pleasures."
  6. You don't hide big parts of your life or past from other people.
  7. You have let go of wanting to be a certain way. You wouldn't change who you are, even if you could.
  8. You have your own strong opinions about issues, and you don't change them just to fit in.
  9. You are confident in your appearance, intelligence, and interpersonal skills.
  10. You find it easy to overcome differences with people. You can agree to disagree, without sacrificing your principles.