1. In love relationships, you tend to be more of a giver than a taker.
  2. You are flexible. You find it easy to adapt to any situation.
  3. You are very giving - so giving that you occasionally get taken advantage of.
  4. When it comes to love, you are shy. You are reluctant to pursue anyone.
  5. You're a creative spirit, talented at art and writing.
  6. You are a dreamer, with big and impractical dreams.
  7. You're most attracted to someone who will take care of you and make you feel safe.
  8. You are very sensitive. You tend to get easily hurt.
  9. In a less than perfect relationship, you tend to give until it hurts.
  10. If your friend tells you something outrageous, you tend to believe them and not question what they said.
  11. You love animals, and if you could, you'd have a zoo of stray dogs or cats.
  12. You have to avoid salespeople. They're good at persuading you to make purchases you later regret.
  13. You've been told that you are too trusting of strangers.
  14. You're not entirely sure what your life goals are yet.
  15. You tend to be oblivious to office politics and fights your friends might be having with each other.