1. You don't get stressed out easily. You keep your cool, even when your whole world is falling apart.
  2. You are not a fighter. Your relationships tend to be harmonious, without conflict.
  3. You are a light hearted person. You don't take life seriously, and you're often playful.
  4. You aren't dependent on caffeine or alcohol to get through the day.
  5. You love what you do for work or what you study in school.
  6. You find it easy to empathize with and understand people who are very different from you.
  7. You don't worry about things you have little control over.
  8. You are not that critical of other people. You know that everyone must take their own path in life.
  9. The majority of people in your life are positive, upbeat, and inspiring.
  10. You feel that you would still be very happy if your life was drastically different. You make the best of any situation.