1. Can you roll your tongue?
  2. You change your towels...
  3. How do you button your shirt?
  4. What's closer to the amount of cash you carry around
  5. You are more likely to stop wearing something because
  6. You would rather...
  7. Have you ever given someone a fake name or phone number?
  8. Have you ever smoked pot?
  9. Living together before marriage is...
  10. Spanking kids on the butt...
  11. You prefer
  12. You would rather:
  13. Having someone in the room while you go to the bathroom
  14. Do you speak a second language?
  15. What color do you prefer?
  16. You would rather have
  17. You are:
  18. You find it harder to control:
  19. How many times have you fallen in love?
  20. Which is closer to the ideal amount of sex for you?