1. If your best friend and significant other had a secret affair - you wouldn't just stop talking to them. You'd seek revenge.
  2. When you're driving, "road rage" is definitely a term that describes your emotional state.
  3. If someone criticizes you, you'll harshly criticize them back - whether you really mean it or not.
  4. People who were your best friends at one time or another are now your biggest enemies.
  5. You would risk getting arrested to carry out extreme revenge (like slashing tires) on someone who wronged you.
  6. People tend to fear you. And as far as you're concerned, that's a good thing.
  7. You lose your temper easily.
  8. The power that comes with being an evil dictator is alluring to you.
  9. You are strongly in favor of the death penalty.
  10. You get so angry that you break things or threaten people.