1. You like the way you look - in fact, you think you're pretty darn attractive.
  2. You aren't afraid to approach someone you're attracted to. You always figure out what to say.
  3. You wear clothes that fit you well and show off your best physical assets.
  4. You smile and make eye contact a lot.
  5. You know that you're not perfect, but you're secure with who you are.
  6. You only leave the house looking your best, even if you're only running out to the grocery store.
  7. When it comes to dating, no one is really "out of your league" or "too good for you".
  8. You laugh easily and often. You have a good sense of humor.
  9. You feel very comfortable with your body.
  10. You find it easy to meet new people. There's really no trick to it.