1. You've done something to upset a friend of yours, but you don't think you're in the wrong. So instead of saying you're sorry, you're likely to say nothing.
  2. If you were poor, you would rather starve a little than work at McDonald's.
  3. You think of waiters, hairdressers, and maids as people who are beneath you.
  4. If something great happens to you, you tell everyone you know.
  5. Charity work is something you try to avoid.
  6. You work hard to be very good looking. It's important for you to be as attractive as possible.
  7. You silently judge other people as "trashy" or "redneck".
  8. You love to show off the latest flashy clothes or gadgets that you've bought.
  9. You would rather have a job with long hours and a fancy title than a regular job with an unimpressive title.
  10. It's a bit fun to make people jealous of you.