1. If you traveled to Europe, you'd be much more interested in sampling the cuisine than seeing the sites.
  2. You have an addictive personality. It's easy for you to become obsessed.
  3. Your favorite type of TV shows are cooking shows.
  4. You eat dessert every night.
  5. You love to drink alcohol, even at times when you shouldn't be drinking.
  6. Of all your friends, you're the first one to try a new restaurant in town.
  7. You don't believe in low calorie, low carb, or low fat. Taste is your only consideration when picking food.
  8. You don't mind spending a lot for food. Those $5 lattes from Starbucks with extra syrup are worth it!
  9. You eat out every day.
  10. You don't worry about your weight. You figure you'll just get gastric bypass if you get too heavy.