1. In your opinion, rich people aren't really deserving of their money.
  2. If a friend gets the newest iPod, laptop, or HDTV before you, it drives you crazy!
  3. In relationships, you tend to be very jealous. You don't like your partner even looking at someone else.
  4. When you go out with friends, you can't help but compare your outfit to what they're all wearing.
  5. If your car, furniture, or clothes aren't top of the line, you're secretly embarrassed.
  6. When you're in a relationship, you can't help but feel like other people's relationships are better than your own.
  7. When your friends have good news, you're happy for them. But no matter what, you feel a little jealous that the good thing isn't happening to you.
  8. You badmouth SUV's as gas guzzlers, but you secretly wouldn't mind having one.
  9. You tend to feel that your friends and family spend too much time with other people.
  10. You can't stand "naturally thin" models (if you're a woman) or super buff actors (if you're a guy). You're pretty sure they have eating disorders.