1. Your ideal date involves something social, as opposed to a quiet evening at home.
  2. You prefer things to be peaceful and have trouble choosing sides in an argument.
  3. You are quite charming and known to be a big flirt.
  4. You would rather be in a calm relationship with no fights than a passionate, on-and-off affair.
  5. Given a choice between staying home alone and going out with friends, you always choose to go out.
  6. You find it difficult to say no to people.
  7. You have tried to stay good friends with all of your ex's.
  8. You consider yourself attractive and prefer to be in the company of attractive people.
  9. Even if you're just running out for groceries, you are always well dressed when leaving the house.
  10. You prefer working in a team or group to working alone.
  11. If you're bored, you will tend to become lazy and apathetic.
  12. You always know the right thing to say to people, and you never put your foot in your mouth.
  13. You always know the latest gossip about people in your social circle.
  14. You always are a little down or depressed when you're single. You like to have a partner.
  15. All of your relationships have been long term. It's rare for you to date someone without staying with them a long time.