1. You're not having fun at a party unless you are the center of attention.
  2. No matter what the question or issue is, you're likely to have a strong opinion on it.
  3. You tend to influence others without even meaning to. Your friends end up being a lot like you.
  4. Your goals are clearly defined, and you always achieve them.
  5. You have been called egotistical or arrogant.
  6. You're a great leader and known for inspiring others.
  7. You could be described as outgoing, social, and a bit of a party animal.
  8. Your confidence has taken you further in life than your actual skills.
  9. You aren't adverse to taking a risk and seeing how things end up.
  10. For you, second place is just as bad as losing.
  11. If you are interested in someone, you tend to take them on extravagant dates.
  12. You've got a near 100% track record in seducing anyone you're interested in.
  13. If someone is not as intelligent as you, you just don't find them attractive.
  14. For you, living a dramatic and courageous life is the only way to live.
  15. Once you're with someone, you're totally committed to making them happy.