1. If a friend of yours gets a great present, you feel very envious - even if you don't show it.
  2. You are very possessive in romantic relationships, and it's easy for you to feel insecure or threatened.
  3. When a friend makes a new friend or starts a new relationship, you can't help but feel like it's taking something away from your friendship.
  4. If someone more attractive, more successful, or more charming than you shows up at an event - it ruins your night.
  5. If one of your friends became successful overnight, it would make you feel very bad.
  6. Growing up, you were jealous of your siblings and / or cousins.
  7. When you think about your dreams and goals, you focus on how your success will make other people envy you.
  8. You are naturally suspicious of people.
  9. When people talk about how great their life is going, you assume they are lying.
  10. If a family member calls you with good news, you have a sinking feeling. You wish you had good news of your own.