1. A cashier mistakes your $5 for a $10 and gives you an extra $5 back. Do you speak up?
  2. Your sister asks you if she looks fat in that outfit. Yup, she does. Do you fess up?
  3. You dent a car in a parking lot in the middle of the night. What do you do?
  4. It's a gorgeous day. Your friends are going to the beach, but you've have to work. You:
  5. Your friend is cheating on his girlfriend, who also happens to be a friend of yours. When she mentions that your best friend's been acting strange lately, you:
  6. You're late to a job interview for a position you're really hoping to get. You:
  7. If you could cheat on your taxes (and be almost sure to get away with it), would you?
  8. Downloading movies and music illegally is:
  9. Someone you've just started dating surprises you with a home cooked meal... that tastes quite awful. You:
  10. Have you shoplifted in the past three years?