1. You don't mind playing games in relationships, in the spirit of keeping things fun and interesting.
  2. You're quick witted. You're usually the first in your group to tell a clever joke.
  3. You are able to talk yourself out of almost any sticky situation.
  4. You believe that there's two sides to every issue, problem, and person.
  5. You tend to like to date around a lot. It's hard for you to only date one person.
  6. You tend to prefer active dates (like dancing or white water rafting) to movies and dinner
  7. When you talk, you tend to use your hands a lot - and interrupt others.
  8. You love to learn, but you tend to not study any one subject too deeply.
  9. If someone you're dating starts to smother you, you break up with them immediately.
  10. You're pretty fickle. One day you'll be a vegetarian, and the next day you're cooking up steaks for your friends.
  11. If someone wants to win an argument with you, you'll only be persuaded by logic and reasoning.
  12. You are never doing just one thing. You listen to music while reading, watch TV while cooking, and do chores while talking on the phone.
  13. Everyone says that you're a big flirt, but you hardly ever notice yourself flirting.
  14. You like to work in group settings, but you'll rarely step up as leader.
  15. If your friends are fighting about something, they often turn to you to be the mediator.