1. Do you tend to:
  2. In general, you feel ____ with others
  3. For you, making friends is
  4. You are told that you are hard to get to know
  5. Often times, the world is too noisy for you.
  6. For your birthday, you would prefer:
  7. You hardly ever do things...
  8. Big crowds:
  9. When it comes to giving your opinion...
  10. You have the power of persuasion and influence those you know.
  11. When you're in a group of people...
  12. You've been called controlling by some.
  13. You're always busy or on the go.
  14. On your days off...
  15. When you have to juggle many things at once...
  16. When it comes to decisions, you are:
  17. You are interested trying extreme sports like skydiving or bungee jumping
  18. You love to go to loud concerts
  19. You are more likely to be called
  20. Your motto is:
  21. No matter what's going on, you tend to be having fun.
  22. When you're friend is having a hard time, you:
  23. You love life and rarely feel down.
  24. You would say that your sense of humor is more: