1. You keep your mouth prepared for a kiss, with mints, chapstick, and frequent trips to the dentist.
  2. You're sure the person you're kissing wants to be kissed. You never surprise someone with a kiss who may not want one.
  3. If in doubt, you wait for the exact right moment to kiss. Mood, privacy, and atmosphere are all things you consider.
  4. You make eye contact before a kiss.
  5. You go in for a kiss slowly. You like to build anticipation.
  6. You are a gentle kisser, at least at first. You take the time to figure out what your kissing partner likes.
  7. You never rush a kiss or use it an excuse to pressure someone into more intimate contact. You enjoy a kiss for what it is.
  8. When you kiss, you make sure to keep your tongue and slobber under control. Wet kisses are for puppies.
  9. When you kiss, you use your hands - you don't let them hang listlessly.
  10. You finish a kiss before it's truly done, to leave the other person wanting a little more.