1. The social status of the person you're dating means a lot to you.
  2. You are entrepreneurial and always thinking of new business ideas.
  3. People can count on you. You are reliable and loyal.
  4. When entering a new relationship, you always look before you leap.
  5. If someone doesn't have a lot of ambition, you have a hard time respecting them.
  6. You're the type of person who rather "follow the rules" than "rock the boat."
  7. You are attracted to powerful people who have a good deal of influence.
  8. You are self-sufficient and don't need many friends to live a happy life.
  9. You will put a lot of time and energy into a relationship to make it work.
  10. You wear designer clothes and drive a luxury car.
  11. You are good at putting things together and following directions.
  12. You are very organized. You know where everything you own is - and how your day is structured.
  13. You are not a bit believer in luck, superstitions, or even astrology.
  14. You tend to keep good news to yourself... or only share it with a few very close friends.
  15. You enjoy working hard, but you enjoy the paycheck at the end even more.