1. When it comes to jealousy, you are "somewhat jealous"...
  2. In relationships, you need to be the center of your partner's universe...
  3. Your ideal relationship is full of excitement and a bit unpredictable.
  4. When relationships get boring, your motto is "Shake it up or break it up"
  5. You have been described as a "player," "casanova," or "femme fatale"
  6. You tend to be good at sports, with less effort than most people.
  7. You would rather act impulsively and face danger than do the same old thing.
  8. You are more of a glass half full than a glass half empty type of person.
  9. The best days of your life tend to unfold spontaneously, with no planning
  10. If you're standing in line at the grocery store with one item, you expect someone with a full cart to let you go ahead of them.
  11. You would rather have an adventurous vacation in Thailand than a calm trip to France.
  12. You have pink undertones to your complexion or reddish hair.
  13. If you're in a bad mood, the easiest way to get out of it is to distract yourself with something else.
  14. You like to rough-house and wrestle with your love.
  15. You get more headaches and nosebleeds than the average Joe / Jane.