1. You and your guy had a small fight last night. To make things worse, your guy always signs his emails to you "Love" ... but today he just signed his name. How do you react?
  2. Your guy asks you what you'd like for Valentines Day, and you suggest a handwritten love note. Instead, he gets you a cheesy card and single rose. You:
  3. You and your guy walk past a girl you know he's attracted to. At the same time, he lets go of your hand - and sneaks a glance her way. You:
  4. A guy you've just started dating asks you about your past relationships. You reply:
  5. Your man got laid off two months ago - and he hasn't found a job yet.
  6. When you fight you:
  7. You run into your guy's ex (who he doesn't talk to), and she seems to know about his current life. How do you react?
  8. Your guy is meeting your parents for the first time, and he shows up unshaven, wearing jeans and a baseball cap. You: