1. If you have an appointment, you tend to:
  2. You would say that you are:
  3. You always tend to feel a bit rushed and under pressure
  4. You tend to:
  5. Dinner time. Chances are...
  6. When it comes to feelings, you:
  7. When you achieve your latest goal...
  8. If you are frustrated, you:
  9. Outside of work / school...
  10. Imagine you are ready to go but have to wait for people in your group to be ready.
  11. Which is the most true for you?
  12. Do you typically wear a watch?
  13. When someone does something nice for you, you:
  14. What's more appealing to you?
  15. If you want something...
  16. After a hard day's work
  17. You tend to
  18. Most of your conversations tend to be about work:
  19. You are frequently disappointed in people you know
  20. Being 'average' in something would feel terrible to you
  21. In general, you think unemployed and homeless people:
  22. Your family and friends often complain that they don't get to spend enough time with you
  23. You:
  24. It's hard for you to take a vacation without doing at least a little work while you're away
  25. When someone takes a long time to express their thoughts, you: