1. You have no trouble parallel parking, even in very small spots.
  2. You are a 'backseat driver' - no matter where you are in the car. You aren't shy about correcting driving mistakes and / or giving directions.
  3. If someone cuts you off, your immediate reaction is to flip them off or tailgate them.
  4. If you're doing something difficult while driving, like merging onto a crowded highway, you can still carry on an active conversation.
  5. You see driving as fun, not as a chore.
  6. If you're making a difficult left turn, you'll just barge into the intersection.
  7. You've never been involved in a serious car accident, at least not while you were driving.
  8. When giving directions, you're more likely to rely on street names than landmarks.
  9. You could imagine racing cars for fun.
  10. You tend to think you're a better driver than your significant other.