1. Right now your desk is:
  2. When it comes to risks...
  3. Having the same thing for dinner every Friday night...
  4. You prefer to:
  5. You are better at:
  6. You often catch yourself day dreaming.
  7. You tend to:
  8. You think in:
  9. Which statement reflects your beliefs more?
  10. When you talk, you:
  11. You are more:
  12. You tend to:
  13. You would say you are more:
  14. When you have a lot to do, what do you do first?
  15. When going somewhere you've only been to a couple times, you:
  16. You base your important decisions on:
  17. You are better at remembering:
  18. When someone's upset with you, you tend to listen to:
  19. You tend to have your best ideas when you are:
  20. Do you listen to music while you work?