1. When you think about tying the knot, you focus on actually being married not just the details of your dream wedding.
  2. You have achieved a good amount of financial stability in your life.
  3. You and your significant other have talked about big issues - like religion, kids, family, and commitment.
  4. You are well aware of your partner's quirks. And while they may annoy you at times, you are sure that you can live with them.
  5. You and your significant other have complete trust for each other. Any jealousy issues are far in your past.
  6. You and your partner have very similar and compatible life goals.
  7. You and your significant other fight fair. You talk things out calmly and avoid most blow ups.
  8. You are over all of your past relationships.
  9. You feel like you've had the chance to date different types of people. And you've dated enough to know what you want.
  10. You don't doubt your relationship. You can't imagine breaking up or being with anyone else.