1. When you think of your ex, what happens?
  2. That huge pile of stuff from your relationship - cards, stuffed animals, dried flowers, photos - where is it?
  3. You\'ve just scored some major deals at the mall, when you notice your ex with another woman. How do you feel?
  4. You just went on a first date with a guy who is gorgeous, smart, funny, ... the whole package. You:
  5. Your friend's boyfriend just treated her to a whirlwind weekend in Vegas, and she can't stop talking about it. You:
  6. You run across your ex's sweatshirt while cleaning out your closet. Your first reaction?
  7. Lately, you find yourself checking out guys...
  8. You're at Starbucks, waiting for a guy you've chatted with online. He's fifteen minutes late. You: