1. You find yourself hanging out with negative people... because it's better than being alone.
  2. You feel stuck in a location that really doesn't suit your lifestyle.
  3. Deep down, you feel like you won't ever find the kind of relationship you really want.
  4. You are in a dead end job, and you don't have any good career prospects.
  5. It's hard for you to think of hobbies or interests that you truly enjoy.
  6. You've given up on most of the dreams that you had when you were younger.
  7. You are constantly putting yourself down. It's hard for you to accept complements.
  8. You find that your life is filled with "empty activities" like gossiping, watching tv, drinking, and wasting time.
  9. You feel that you've been very unlucky in life and taken advantage of by others.
  10. When you count up the problems in your life, they outweigh the good things.