1. You change jobs very frequently.
  2. You tend to buy things on impulse, even if it means going into debt.
  3. It's difficult for you to stick to a diet. You're tempted by food.
  4. You don't think before you speak. Sometimes the things you say even shock you!
  5. You fall in love very quickly - within a week or two of starting to date someone.
  6. It's hard for you to turn down an invitation to do something fun, even if you should be doing something else.
  7. You tend to change romantic partners frequently (at least a couple times a year).
  8. You don't tend to make long term plans. Or if you do, you don't follow through with them.
  9. You find most rules and conventions to be very confining.
  10. You are a huge thrill seeker. If it will give you a rush, you'll do it.