1. You are troubled by violence - either real or fictional. You have to look away from violent pictures and videos.
  2. You are very sensitive to noises around you. You often have to block out noise when you're sleeping, reading, or working.
  3. Caffeine, alcohol, medication, or drugs seem to affect you a lot more than other people.
  4. You are easily moved by an amazing song, film, or piece of art.
  5. You have a low pain tolerance. You are very sensitive to physical pain.
  6. You are easily scared or startled.
  7. Your sense of taste and sense of smell seem to be much stronger than other people's.
  8. Everyday life often overwhelms you. You feel like you have too much going on.
  9. Your mood is highly dependent on the moods of people around you.
  10. You need a lot of time to "decompress" by yourself.