1. You interpret events, conversations, and facts in a highly unusual way. You draw conclusions that are unexpected - and that people don't really understand.
  2. You are deeply sensitive and can be emotionally affected easily. Even if you don't always show it.
  3. Your energy level is so high it's frightening. You're pretty sure your mind never shuts off.
  4. You have a wide vocabulary, covering many subjects and maybe even a few languages.
  5. You have an idea of how you want the world to be. And when it's unjust or unfair, you find it very upsetting.
  6. Your memory is incredible. You remember anything that's important to you - and most things that aren't.
  7. You are incredibly annoyed when people are imprecise or don't think through what they're saying.
  8. Nothing is simple to you. You find complexity and contradictions in almost everything.
  9. Once you've formed an opinion, you stand behind it. And you're ready to defend it vigorously at any time.
  10. As a kid, you were very precocious. You understood and cared about things that most adults don't even tackle.