1. You consider yourself to be agnostic or an atheist.
  2. You're still waiting scientific proof on a lot of 'common sense' beliefs.
  3. In your opinion, astrology is simply entertainment. Nothing more.
  4. Ghosts and paranormal activity are just figments of people's imaginations.
  5. You doubt any and all claims about products. If someone's selling something, they're probably stretching the truth.
  6. You don't buy into alternative medicine. If it really worked, it wouldn't be considered alternative.
  7. If someone sends you an email forward or tells you a strange internet rumor, you fact check before passing it on.
  8. You're no more likely to trust an expert's opinion than a random stranger's opinion.
  9. You've changed your mind on at least a few important topics or issues after doing independent research.
  10. You don't buy into UFO or alien conspiracy theories.