1. Being average at something is like failure for you.
  2. Your parents set unrealistically high standards for you when you were growing up.
  3. You are a neat freak and obsessed with organization.
  4. In public, you never let it show if you are upset, angry, or hurt. Saving face is important to you.
  5. Mistakes (even small ones) make you very upset.
  6. It's hard for your friends to live up to your standards. They often disappoint you.
  7. Even when your life should be going well, you can always find things that worry or bother you.
  8. You secretly feel inferior to other people. You can think of many people who are more attractive, more successful, and more popular than you.
  9. You want to be the best at everything.
  10. You second guess yourself constantly. You never feel like you are doing things "right."